Avid / FCP / Adobe Premier

Filmmaker Magazine: What’s the secret to great editing?

Saar Klein: The quality of editing really is about who you are and your view of the world. That’s what it comes down to. Technically, every kid can spend two hours in Final Cut and know how to edit, but technical skills are not that important, I think. What’s important is who you are, what you think, and what moves you emotionally. Editing is about that little stuff: story, structure, and technique. Then it’s about your views of the world, your music, your internal rhythm, what interests you.

Showreel / Documentary

My view of the world is that everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging. I am an open minded person and I like to search for that thread of belonging in anyone's story. I am particularly drawn to documentary because often truth is stranger than fiction. I recently heard a commentator say that if Donald Trump were a fictional character he would not be believable. Only in real life can we tell a narrative without the limits of what is expected. 

Corporate / Promotional

I like to edit corporate or promotional videos with as much feeling as I would a documentary 

or narrative. For any message to have an impact it has to connect with the viewer. There are plenty of editors that can run off something pretty but I like to think my style has a bit of added character.

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